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WeCare solutions, onderhandelingsmechanisme in complexe langdurige zorg.

In order to create a future-proof long term care (LTC) system for an aging and increasingly diverse population, we need a paradigm shift from separate institutional care arrangements to shared views and practices of optimal care responding to the dynamic needs of clients. Recent reforms require LTC stakeholders to negotiate care. In practice this results in a win-lose perspective and sub-optimal care-solutions. This negotiation challenge for LTC is complicated by the fact that

  1. care networks consist of multiple actors acting at multiple levels, complicating the alignment of stakeholder interest, and;
  2. the system is insufficiently able to deal with an increasing diversity in client an professional populations.

The consequences are detrimental: escalated conflicts between clients and governments resulting in expensive lawsuits; care professionals suffering from work pressure; high turn-over rates; and informal caregivers feeling overburdened.

Our game changing solution is – ‘We C.A.R.E’, which stands for stakeholders in care networks Creating Alternative REsilient solutions together.

Using the scientific expertise of researchers across a wide range of disciplines, together with the professional expertise of stakeholders in practice, policy and education of care, we will develop a theoretical framework as well as a variety of practical tools to empower all stakeholders in the LTC-network to negotiate sustainable solutions that create more value to the joint parties together.

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